How to choose a perfect name for your startup?

Are you planning to open you own company? You know that naming a startup and securing a great domain is difficult, but you’re committed to the cause because you realize it’s important. You’ve also done your research on great startup names, But how do you actually create a name? Here are some suggestions that you can keep it in your mind while choosing your name. 1)       Define your purpose: Put some time and effort into creating a clear statement of purpose. Start by     writing down short sentences that sum up your idea in simple words. While there       are  many formulas and strategies for creating your value proposition. Find figurative       concepts to be more original and interesting than their literal counterparts, and their  domains to be more readily available or cheaper to purchase.
2) Look up synonyms:  You can easily multiply your output by adding a list of synonyms to the roots you already developed.
3)Make something up: If you’re running out of options, you can also creat…